Boston Clients on SLE

Sound Lounge Everywhere Testimonials

Our remote service offering at Editbar is in full swing, and we’ve been receiving excellent feedback from our Boston-based clients. Sound Lounge Everywhere has been described as a “total game changer” and “a seamless process” among top creatives.

Full Testimonials:

“Working with Sound Lounge virtually through EditBar for the Jack Daniel’s / NBA TV production was a seamless process that we would do again without hesitation. Traveling for production can be a necessity, but having the means to accomplish high level VO record and mix virtually with true professionals, is not only a time and cost saver, but something that should be seriously considered as a viable option when approaching jobs. Additionally, the team at EditBar was extremely helpful and attentive to our needs during this process, and was there to help with any questions that came up for the entire session.”
– Producer, Arnold Boston

“I’m super intrigued by the technology, and love that we avoided ISDN costs. Having NYC artists and VO talent available down the street has been a total game changer!”
– Producer, Hill Holiday Boston

“I absolutely love the SLE remote setup at EditBar! The space is super comfortable, and I can see and interact with my mixer and talent as if they’re in the room with me. I can walk over from my office and have access to top NYC mixers! Too cool.”
– Producer, Mullen Boston