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Audio Post Studio Sound Lounge Joins Forces with Podcast Storytellers

ADR Mixer Patrick Christensen brings 20-plus years of experience to scripted podcasts

 In the ever-evolving landscape of audio entertainment, NYC’s premier audio post-production studio, Sound Lounge, is leading the charge with its collaborative approach to scripted podcasts. With a team of experienced professionals and state-of-the-art facilities, the studio is creating new relationships with podcast storytellers, thanks in part to the expertise of ADR Mixer Patrick Christensen.

Scripted podcasts are gaining popularity for their ability to deliver rich, immersive storytelling through sound. Patrick Christensen, a veteran at Sound Lounge, won the 2023 Cinema Audio Society (CAS) award for ADR mixer on the hit television series The Bear. The CAS Awards honor outstanding sound in film and television, further establishing Christensen’s reputation as a leader in the field. Christensen shares his insights on the unique dynamics of creating these audio dramas.

“Scripted podcasts –like television and film– are very much a joint effort between the director and the talent,” he explains. “I get a lot of joy out of recording in a room that’s so lively and collaborative. Being a part of finding that perfect performance is a really special part of being an engineer at Sound Lounge.”

The recording engineer role is pivotal in ensuring that the process remains seamless for talent. “My job is to make sure everyone doesn’t ‘feel’ the recording process so they can concentrate on the performance and content,” says Christensen. “The script supervisor and I have to work in sync to make sure our notes are correct and complete, so when they’re going through hundreds if not thousands of lines of dialogue the elements will be organized and accessible when assembling the selected takes.” 

Sound Lounge’s approach is proving successful, as their recent scripted podcast “Yes We Cannabis,” was named in the Audible Best of 2023 list. The award showcases the exceptional quality and engaging content produced by the team. Additional scripted podcasts recorded at Sound Lounge include “The Method”, an audio thriller from James Patterson, “White Hot Heist”, an all-star, all-queer cast chronicling a sperm bank heist, and “Robin’s Curious Travels”, an adventure podcast that travels through time.

As the demand for scripted podcasts continues to rise, NYC’s leading audio post-production studio remains at the forefront, delivering high-quality, engaging content. With professionals like Christensen driving the creative and technical excellence, the future of scripted audio storytelling looks brighter than ever.

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