Our greatest asset is the talented team of audio mixers who have contributed their creative and technical skills to many of the most successful advertising campaigns of the past two decades. From our founders, to first hires, to the next generation, this is the team we truly believe is the best of the best. 

Justin Kooy


Hailing from Berklee College of Music, Justin joined us right after graduation and discovered his love for mixing commercials. While his skills span all genres, he has contributed to numerous sports projects, including short films and spots for Peloton, ESPN, and Under Armour.

Peter Holcomb

Partner + Mixer

As co-founder and an industry veteran, Peter has worked with New York’s top agencies and mixed spots for the world’s best-known brands. While he has earned loads of accolades, what Sound Lounge has accomplished makes him the most proud.

Pete Crimi


Embodying the qualities of both an artist and an engineer, Pete is creative and passionate about his craft, while also technically efficient. Rising to any challenge, he has been praised for being exceptional with talent and helping his clients achieve the perfect reads.

Rob Sayers


One of our first mixers, Rob quickly developed a loyal following through his ability to deliver beautiful mixes under high pressure. With strong ties to agency teams around the country, Rob will mix memorable spots for years to come.

Tom Jucarone

Partner + Mixer

Despite having mixed thousands of television and radio ads over the course of his 20-plus year career, Tom Jucarone still gets a kick out of his job. A co-founder and one of the most accomplished mixers in the advertising industry, Tom views every project as an opportunity to try something new.