Sound Lounge Everywhere

Remote Service Launches in Boston

Sound Lounge is happy to announce the launch of our new remote-initiative, Sound Lounge Everywhere! Sound Lounge Everywhere is the world’s first full service audio post-production service for clients across the globe. Our first space is based at Editbar in Boston, where our custom hardware allows us to stream high-quality audio and video from Sound Lounge’s NYC office to Boston with virtually zero latency, meaning that you can view your work live while your talent records. The technology also allows you to speak face-to-face with your NYC-based mixer and/or VO talent!

Sound Lounge Everywhere allows our Boston-area clients to save on travel without sacrificing the ability to supervise NYC-based sessions. By utilizing our custom gear inside of Editbar’s space, you can work face to face with a Sound Lounge mixer (and your talent) without having to leave the city! Sound Lounge and Editbar are also joining forces with creative studio Nice Shoes, who are in the same space, to offer the best audio, color/finishing, and creative editorial all underneath one roof.

For more information please contact Head of Production, Liana Rosenberg, at [email protected]

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