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2016 Cannes Wins

The 2016 Cannes Lions Festival has come and gone. Juries deliberated, Lions were won and unfathomable amounts of rosé were drank. It was an incredible week to say the least, and now it’s time to celebrate a few big wins!

A special congratulations to the spots mixed at Sound Lounge:

House of Cards “FU 2016″, BBH New York

Hennessy “The Piccards”, Droga5

NFL “Super Bowl Babies Choir”, Grey New York

Return to Glory

Once a year, we get to bask in all of the Super Bowl’s glory and goodness. From Beyonce’s half-time dance moves to Peyton Manning’s final redemption (ahem: Seahawks two years ago), this year served it up like no other. And the commercials were no exception. PuppyMonkeyBaby had our sides splitting and Jeep had us wondering how a car commercial could be so moving.

Read More

Sound Lounge – So Hot Right Now

The Sound Lounge gang is a stylish bunch. And by “gang” we mean the beautiful people who grace the spots we mix with their faces. And bodies. And general beautiful-people-ness. Read More

Our Work Is No Laughing Matter

Unless we’re talking about the funniest of the funny spots that we’ve mixed. In that case, we’ll allow it. Hell, we’ll down right encourage it! Read More


Our Place Beyond the Pines

After premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival last September, Derek Cianfrance’s new film, Place Beyond the Pines, finally hit theaters last month. The star-studded flick has gotten notice by press like Deadline Hollywood—though we’re hardly surprised. Read More


Kool Spot

You may have noticed Kool-Aid scoring a lot of attention lately from media like Good Morning America, NPR and Creativity for their latest campaign Read More


Seriously, Bro??

If you like HBO’s Girls, or even if you don’t like Girls, or if you’ve at least HEARD of Girls, then you’ll love the trailer that Justin “Sal” Kooy mixed for the new webisode series, Bros, a passion project of Writer/Director Anthony DiMieri. Read More


Diving With Danger

We’ve got our fair share of daredevils here at the Lounge, but arguably no one more so than EP Vicky Ferraro and Casting Director Carrie Faverty. These brave broads recently found their thrills by diving with sharks in warmer waters Read More


Party On, Editorial Dudes!

In all our years of partying, we’d yet to come upon a soiree that celebrated Editorials, specifically. So, we decided to throw one. Burger eating and beer pong abounded (congrats to Crag and Matt from Crew Cuts for winning the tournament!) Read More

Game of Thrones

Fun and Games

In other YouTube news: The Game of Throne’s Season 3 trailer that Scott Persson mixed has clocked over 17 million hits… and counting! Holy shizah! Read More


RadioFace is now Mister Face!

Crazy re-branding story of the day: RadioFace is now Mister Face! As a reminder, we are made up of half famous comedians, half directors and producers and half robots. Read More


Overheard @ Sound Lounge

•   Which  joyful Jew skipped off to The Promised Land overholiday break, to explore the roots of his (and Jesus’) ancestors? Hint: Think Hudson… Read More


Vicky Ferraro Featured in Forbes

We are THRILLED to announce that our very own Executive Producer, Vicky Ferraro, was prominently featured in a Forbes article about the most anticipated Super Bowl spots this year. Read More


Tony Mennuto Gets High

For his final speaking engagement of 2012, Tony Mennuto headed to the mountain peaks of Park City, Utah, to share an important message from RadioFace at MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit Read More


Obsession of the Month

Ad Council’s New Three-Spot Radio Campaign, “Bullying Prevention!” Aimed directly at younger listeners, the spots urge adolescents to intervene when they witness bullying, whether it’s targeted at them or others around them.  Read More


The Times They Are A-Changin’

Here’s the skinny: Vicky Ferraro has been promoted from Executive Producer of Radio and RadioFace to Executive Producer of Sound Lounge! Justin Matley is stepping in as Producer of RadioFace and should now be Read More


Creativity Gets the Worm

One of our favorite holiday spots this year was BMW’s “The Road Home.” Produced as what Creativity calls a “company-wide labor of love,” the spot features clips of more than 50 of the agency’s staff members’ own Thanksgiving home-comings Read More


Sunny Side Up

Hey, all you movie buffs and Hipster indie film lovers! Guess where not one, not two, but three features and one short that are premiering at the Sundance Film Festival were mixed! Read More


Knock Out Domestic Violence

We are so honored to have been involved in the Maria Project’s Codes of Hope program, which sheds light on domestic violence and gives voice to victims’ trauma.
Using our downtown space as a safe place to talk, the organization held interviews Read More


Continental Casting

Our casting director extraordinaire, Carrie Faverty, has been at it again! This time she cast voiceover talent for a whole slew of international Kayak spots for Barton F. Graf 9000 in just about every language you can think of. Read More


Doc Watch

Under normal circumstances, we try not to brag, but we’re just too darn proud to hold our tongue on this one: Detropia, mixed by our very own Tony Volante, has been nominated for not one… not two… but FOUR Cinema Eye Honors! Read More


Let Us Learn You

It’s easy to say, “Oh, Sound Lounge—they do audio post-production.” Understanding the ins and outs of what that really means, however, is a totally different thing. Read More

Holiday Ad

Happiness is the Ad on TV

As brands duke it out on the airwaves to win your buying loyalty this month, we’d like to call your attention to some of the holiday-specific spots that we mixed Read More


Toys for Tots and Drinks for You!

This holiday season, there are even more folks in need than usual. Join us in making sure that the children of these families can at least count on receiving a gift on Christmas morning Read More


“Hope” is Everywhere

After much work and collaboration, the print, digital and out-of-home materials that RadioFace created and produced for the Ad Council and NeighborWorks America’s “Hope Hotline” are about to be unveiled! Read More


A Very Macy’s Holiday

In a follow-up to the Justin Bieber spot we mixed for Macy’s last Thanksgiving, Cut & Run gifted us with mixing the legendary department store’s entire holiday campaign this year! Read More


Disaster Status

In a beautifully executed balancing act, RadioFace just shipped radio PSAs for the Ad Council Disaster Relief campaign, which will air across the globe in the wake of a disaster. Read More

Jusin and Erin

Knot-Tying News

Congratulations to Justin Matley for joining his beautiful bride, Erin, at the alter and declaring their love to the world and the government. Read More

Ford F150

We’ve Got Team Spirit!

For the last four years, Rob Sayers has been Team Detroit’s go-to mixer for Ford F-150 campaigns, which feature Denis Leary as the voiceover talent.  Read More


Super [Bowl] Spots

It may seem like football season only just kicked off, but in the world of advertising, the Super Bowl is just around the corner. Read More


Get Your Translation On

Did you know that, when translated literally, Purdue Chicken’s slogan, “It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken,” becomes, “It takes a well, hard man to make a chicken affectionate?” Read More


Restoration Radio

What do you get when you cross RadioFace, a celebrated diva and city beautification? Why, the new radio spots that we wrote, recorded and produced, which feature the unmistakable voice of Ms. Bette Midler, of course! Read More


Funny Girl(s)

Things are about to get turned way up in terms of the podcasts we record and mix for G.L.O.C. (The Gorgeous Ladies of Comedy). Read More


New Festival, New Films

We are proud to announce that two films that we mixed are premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival: The Place Beyond the Pines, the second film brought to us by Derek Cianfrance (the first was Blue Valentine) and Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God, Alex Gibney’s newest project. Read More


Go for a Sleepwalk

Mike Birbiglia’s hilarious new autobiographical film, Sleepwalk With Me, is a hit in theaters and our own Pat Christensen is giving you a reason to start counting down to its DVD release!  Read More

Axe Office Romance edited

Office Romance in the Air

We were thrilled to work on Axe’s new “Office Love” spot, which Tom Jucarone mixed for Smuggler, with visual effects by The Mill. Read More


State of Grace

Big news on the film front! Graceland, designed and mixed by Steve “Major” Giammaria, has been picked up for distribution! Read More

Duracell Powermat

Never Be Powerless

The new Duracell Powermat was introduced via print ads, which feature Jay-Z and have been particularly visible in subway cars and Metro stations. Read More


In-Session Slumber Party

When it comes to mixing, no one is more dedicated to perfection than the engineers at Sound Lounge. Case in point: Chris Afzal for Cadillac. Read More

Fiat Immigrants

Coming to America

To continue the introduction of the FIAT 500 brand to the U.S. market, The Richard’s Group created a super-fun TV spot for FIAT USA, which has been making quite a splash in the press. Read More


Advertising Gold

Here at Sound Lounge, we love watching the Olympic Games… and the ads that play during them. Some of our favorites, of course, are those that we’re proud to say we worked on! Read More


Labor of Love

You know Jill Silberstein as Sound Lounge’s Executive Producer. But that’s not her only passion; loving anything related to birth, Jill is helping to organize the “National Rally for Change,” which will take place in at least 64 cities across the country on Labor Day. Read More


Win Big with Sound Lounge!

No, we haven’t predicted next week’s winning lottery numbers. But we are giving away a super sweet, top-secret (for now) prize at the end of the month. “Like” us on Facebook and keep an eye out for our “Name That Sound” contest.  Read More


Making Headlines

We’ve had some great work come through our downtown location lately and some of it has made headlines! Read More


Easy Riders

The people of Sound Lounge aren’t just talented; they’re athletic, too! (Well, some of us, at least.) Read More


Joining Forces

TBWA\Chiat\Day recently rolled out a new, monthly music series and they’ve made us their official audio partner! Read More

Hitched without a Hitch

Hitched Without a Hitch

On the very last day of the very last week of just last month, Juan Aceves, Mixer and Creative Director of our Hispanic division, tied the knot! Read More


GLOC and Load

This month, Sound Lounge is hosting The Gorgeous Ladies of  Comedy, the troupe of “women kicking ass in the comedy scene.” Read More


Doin’ It for the Kids

This past month, mixer Scott Persson hosted a group of kids from Eagle Academy for Young Men at Ocean Hill, giving them a taste of what it’s like to work with sound for a living. Read More


Going for Gold

This year, in honor of the 2012 Summer Olympics, Citigroup is giving back (along with U.S. Olympic athletes) to support U.S. Olympic and Paralympic sports programs. Read More

CBGB bowery OMFUG rock punk

Rock Gods on Film

The line-up for this year’s CBGB Festival has been announced and two films mixed by our own Tony Volante will be showing. If you haven’t already seen End of the Century: The Story of The Ramones and Patti Smith: Dream of Life, now’s the time, people! Read More


Calling All Assistant Editors!

We love assistants—both of the mixer and editor variety. Which is why we’re getting them together in a super-top-secret underground poker night soon. Read More


Cannes You Join Us?

Jill Silberstein, one of our executive producers, is heading to the Cannes Lions Festival. Whether you’re joining in the fun or living vicariously through us from New York, follow what Jill is up to through Twitter:[email protected], #youcanneslounge.

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Sound Lounge is Designing for the Future

Marshall Grupp has been hard at work, pumping out sounds for a U.S. Open promotional spot (produced by the Martin Agency) and a PSA about children’s poverty (produced by a non-profit organization called Too Small to Fail). Read More

Direct Energy

Movin’ and Shakin’

When an ad campaign consists of both television and radio spots, oftentimes the radio spots are created from the audio component of the television spots. Which, needless to say, is less than ideal. Read More


Growing [Sans] Pains

Sound Lounge is ever-expanding and this month we have two new additions to announce: Pete Crimi is Rob DiFondi’s new in-room assistant and Josh Wilson has joined the downtown team at our Hudson location! Read More

Olive's Party

Finish Olive That Party Drink!

On paper, The Olives Awards (presented by Sound Lounge and RadioFace) may be about crowning the world’s best, unknown radio commercial-writing genius, but off the record it’s also about drinking. Read More


Just FAB, Darling!

Not to toot our own horn, but when it comes to audio postproduction, we’re what you might call, “experts.” But we’re generous experts, always happy to share our knowledge. Read More

I Am Yasuni

Are You Yasuni?

Here at Sound Lounge we try to get involved in projects that benefit the greater good whenever possible. “I Am Yasuni,” mixed by Juan Aceves and sound designed by Marshall Grupp, was just that kind of project. Read More


Going Once, Going Twice…

RadioFace is always thinking of new, creative campaigns for clients, and their work for online auction site Outbid is no exception. Read More

Deluxe Apartment in the Sky

Movin’ On Up

At Sound Lounge, we love cultivating new talent. So, we’re excited to announce that Mark Ledwich and Alex Schultz have officially moved from the machine room into mixing rooms!  Read More

Tribeca Film Festival

You Did It!

We’re so proud of our amazing mixers here at Sound Lounge, we decided to give a couple of them a nice little shout-out. Read More


Breaking New Ground

For their second time working with Ad Council, RadioFace applied their always-effective brand of humor to the Ad Council’s Hope Hotline campaign, turning a serious, oft-dry subject into compelling radio spots.  Read More


Sound Lounge Welcomes…

Louisa Gleichman as our shiny new Marketing Director! Keep an eye out for her at our 5th Avenue location.